Review: the midnight library by Matt Haig

What if death is not the end we all thought it was? What if there was a way we could see how things stand out if we had made a deliberate decision? Would there be a way to resolve all our regrets? The midnight library explores the context of this idea by giving people a way to explore the different ways their life could turn out if they had made different choices.

This is the place that Laura finds herself in after deciding that her life has no meaning and no future and takes the easy way out. She suddenly finds herself within this building where she can explore the way her life would have gone if she made the choices she has always regretted not making.

The possibilities are apparently endless. All she has to do is choose a life where she has made a different decision and open the book to read. This transports her into that life where she will remain until she feels she does not belong. She is told that if she really wants the life, then she will simply remain in it and the library will just become a distant memory.

And so Laura becomes a traveller.

This is a brilliant story idea and is very well told by Matt Haig. There are many life lessons that can be taken from this book, which ultimately led to know that every decision has a drawback of some description and regrets are not always necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of writing, and would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in the idea of parallel universes or, just maybe, the idea of a soul bouncing between different lives.

Insanely interesting concept that has been executed perfectly. I would give this five out of five.


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