Monday journal: 27 December 2021

Hello everybody!

This is probably a shock to everybody, but I am actually posting this on a Monday. I know, nobody is more surprised than me, although at the same time I am celebrating because this is the first time in ages that I have felt up to doing this!

Hurray for progress!

The wheel of time series concluded on Amazon prime this week. It differed greatly from the book, but then what adaption is exactly the same? I did directly agree with a lot of the changes, as it made the story less about one person and focused more on the entire group. I will hold off on doing a review at the moment because it involved some of book 2 which I am in the middle of rereading. (I am quite impressed with exactly how much of the book I had remembered after a long time of first reading it!)

I hope to get back into some writing. I may make this a New Year’s resolution so I can keep up with my work in progress! This is all dependent on health permitting, of course!

Here is hoping for a better 2022. Happy New Year to everybody 🙂


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