Book review: A slow fire burning by Paula Hawkins

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I recently read this book because they recommended it to me with my membership on audible. That’s not to say I want to read it anyway, as I found the plot in the synopsis intriguing.

The basic story revolves around the brutal murder of a young bloke on a houseboat and the police trying to solve the crime. There are three women central to the plot which are Miriam, who found the body, Carla who is the aunt of the deceased who is also mourning the recent loss of another family member, and Laura who is the troubled young girl that was last seen leaving the victims houseboat the morning he was killed.

There are a good few other characters sprinkled into the mix and watching the way they are all connected is fascinating to read.

It reminds me of the play an Inspector calls by JB Priestley in how everybody seems to influence everyone else and the victim. Of course, an Inspector calls is all about the suicide of a young girl, but it shows that each person in the room had been a part of her downfall. In that, there is no one actually guilty of murder, but it reminded them that their actions have consequences on other people. In the book, there is obviously a guilty party which is finally discovered throughout reading.

It leaves you questioning everybody’s guilt and innocence several times throughout the novel and is well worth the time to read.

Paula Hawkins has written this very well and you can really see the characters and the way they work all the way through the book. All the descriptions give you the sense that you are really there and it wrote the dialogue extremely well and.

I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy any type of thriller or anything that shows the connection between a group of people on each other and the victim. This is a story that has many twists and turns and unravels rivalries between families and friends.

Overall, I would give this a 4/5 rating.


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