Monday journal: 27 September 2021

It has been a while, but I am returning after taking some time out from blogging. I have been doing some of my work in progress, so I am happy about that. I am also looking forward to NaNoWriMo when I intend to get everything all ready for editing. It is going to be fun 🙂 especially because I have not decided what the ending is going to be yet! Mind you, I have always been a writer of instinct rather than a plot to follow.

I am also having fun with virtual reality and trying to sort out everything to make it accessible to me. Only one last hurdle to overcome which is using the Kinect so I can just use arm gestures rather than trying to hold the controls. I should probably just borrow one of the neighbourhood children to go on because we all know that children are the experts with technology!

Things seem to go back to normal, including the writers group so I am quite happy about that! I also got to see some of my family that I have not seen for a couple of years thanks to the coronavirus! Great times.

There are two more books that I have finished on audible and I should get round to reviewing them at some point soon. They have just started doing a thing called unlimited membership where you get to read/listen to podcasts and certain books as though my library is looking pretty full. I guess I am going to be busy going through that!

Well, that is about it to update you on as not much has been happening with writing. So, until next time, stay safe out there!


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