Monday journal: 26 July 2021

Hello and welcome into yet another week of this year.

Well, what can I say? Last week I actually got to the writer’s group in what must be the first time in a couple of years! It was absolutely amazing to see people again, even if there weren’t that many of us attending. They reviewed my work and gave the usual sentence structure/filler word comments I am used to. You think I would have got so used to them I wouldn’t use these words and vary sentences a bit more. Apparently, that is not the case! Thank God for the editing process 🙂

I have enjoyed the challenges I could do during the week and think most people seem to like them as well. I missed out on Saturday as I was busy and it was a hot! The does not make me productive or creative, or really anything else except sleepy!

There is not much else to tell you with me being creative over the week, as there is nothing new to add to what I have been doing. Maybe I am just boring!

Until next week, stay safe out there!


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