Song lyric Sunday: Automobiles/Cars/Vehicles

For this week’s song lyric Sunday they have challenged us to find songs about cars/vehicles/automobiles.
Unable to be creative today I am using the classic Gary Numan track, cars.
However, I have chosen a different version to put out there so I am using Bill Bailey the comedian. If you have ever seen any of his live material, you know that he says any track sounds better in metal. He has applied this to cars, and it is the one I am going to feature. (If you get confused, he is singing in French!)


5 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: Automobiles/Cars/Vehicles

    1. I have found it while I was studying French, which is kind of a weird way to discover a track! I think he does manage to make it sound amazing 🙂 Thank you for watching, hosting, and commenting.

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    1. I like the French version as well, although the English is pretty great too! I think what really impressed me is the fact that I understood it and realised it was French straightaway! Thank you for watching and commenting.

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