Song lyric Sunday: America

For this week’s song lyric Sunday Jim has asked us to provide music by any American band. An open topic indeed. (I am assuming it is down to Independence Day, and I hope you are all having a very good one on the other side of the pond!) Now, with an open topic for song lyrics Sunday I usually use Depeche Mode, but of course they are an English band. So, what was the next thing that came to mind? Well, American idiot! I can use that on what should be a celebration so I have picked the Green Day track last of the American girls.

She puts her makeup on
Like graffiti on the walls of the heartland
She’s got her little book of conspiracies
Right in her hand
She is paranoid like
Endangered species headed into extinction
She is one of a kind
She’s the last of the American girls

She wears her overcoat
For the coming of the nuclear winter
She is riding her bike
Like a fugitive of critical mass
She’s on a hunger strike
For the ones who won’t make it for dinner
She makes enough to survive
For a holiday of working class

She’s a runaway of the establishment incorporated.
She won’t cooperate
She’s the last of the American girls

She plays her vinyl records
Singing songs on the eve of destruction
She’s a sucker for
All the criminals breaking the laws
She will come in first
For the end of western civilization
She’s an endless war
She’s a hero for a lost cause
Like a hurricane
In the heart of the devastation
She’s a natural disaster
She’s the last of the American girls

One of the inspirations for this pop-punk number was the time vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong spent in New Orleans helping build houses for those made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. He explained to Q magazine May 2009: “I started writing it for my wife, but there’s elements of Hurricane Katrina and (pro-cycling activists) Critical Mass. It adds those elements to one character who has this left wing strength.”


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