Monday journal: 28 June 2021

Hello everybody and welcome into another week of 2021!

Things seem to be moving along very nicely when it comes to releasing ourselves from lockdown. Last week, I managed to attend a stand-up performance by comedian Jimmy Carr. It was all socially distanced with a face covering required if not eating/drinking. You would not believe how good it felt to see you something live even if it was with the smaller audience than usual. If you have not seen Jimmy Carr then I would recommend doing so with a warning that he can be a bit close to the mark at times. Extremely funny though.

I was supposed to attend my writers group last week as well, but due to various misadventures I was unable to make it 😦 I was really looking forward to that, as we have not seen each other in a very long time.

Surprisingly, I did get a lot of challenges done at the same time as becoming social. However, even I am unable to describe exactly what type of writing my response to writing Wednesday actually was. Free writing at its best (or worst depending on perspective)!

Looking forward to starting camp at the end of the week, very excited about that and looking forward to it and struggles it tends to bring. I can’t wait to find out what my characters will be getting up to next 🙂

Well, that is about it from me for the week so I will leave you until next week when I bring another update.

Until then, stay safe out there!


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