Monday Journal: 14 June 2021

We find ourselves on yet another Monday. This year seems to be rapidly disappearing. On the plus, it brings us even closer to campNaNoWriMo. All I need to do now is get used to scrivener three which is an amazing learning curve compared to 1 but I believe it is going to be worth it in the end.

I have been enjoying writing the various challenges this week. I am also enjoying picking out the song of the day for everybody to listen to. I hope everybody has been enjoying what I have picked out so far.

My work in progress has taken a backseat at the moment in preparing for camp. I am just cycling through the tutorials of scrivener and then I will get back to my work in progress ready for a month of chaos! My characters now feel like old friends that I really enjoy spending time with. Even the villain! Maybe I am some kind of psychopath myself! LOL!

That is about it from me on my creative side for the week! I will speak to you all again in some kind of update next week.

Until then, stay safe out there!


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