Review: trust me by T.M. Logan

Trust Me

This is a very well written, page turner of a thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end of reading. Pretty much what you expect of a thriller.

The basic story is that on a train the main protagonist (Ellen) has a chance encounter with a young mother and her child. Ellen has just received the bad news from a fertility clinic, immediately followed by finding out that the new girlfriend of her ex-husband is pregnant. Then, the young mother sits opposite and asks Ellen if she would mind holding the baby while she sorts everything out. Ellen easily agrees and the two strike up a brief conversation when the baby is introduced as Mia and my mother as Catherine. Catherine needs to take an urgent phone call, and she asks Ellen if she would mind holding the baby for a couple of minutes. The next thing she knows is that the mother has got off the train and has left the baby with her. The only explanation like is on a piece of paper begging for Ellen to take care of the baby and to trust nobody, especially the police.

So begins a very interesting story that turns Ellen’s world into a rollercoaster when she doesn’t know which way to go. So many people seem to be after her, or the baby, and she is at a loss over which way to go and who she should listen to at any point in time.

There are so many characters trying to win her trust, and she doesn’t know where she should be going. Like I said, this one will keep you guessing until the very end.

Each character is very well rounded and there are many false leads that leave you wondering which way the trust should be lying. The ending itself is extremely tense and will probably surprise anyone.

If you enjoy reading thrillers, then I would recommend this because the characters are so well developed with their own stories and struggles that will leave you trying to decipher clues. Very well written, and extremely enjoyable.

I would give this 4/5 stars.


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