Song lyric Sunday: Town/County/Country/State

For this week’s song lyric Sunday, we are looking for songs referring to countries/counties/state/town. For this one I wanted to have something that showed my English Heritage and mention a place. Naturally, I chose Englishman in New York by sting.

Englishman in New York is a song performed by English singer and songwriter Sting. The self explanatory lyrics of the song talk about the life of an Englishman who has moved from his native England to live in New York, the United States. The “Englishman” in the song is the famous English gay icon, writer and actor Quentin Crisp, who was the inspiration of the song. In 1986, Crisp relocated from London, England to Manhattan, New York, and Sting wrote the song shortly after Crisp’s relocation.

In Sting’s 2007 book titled Lyrics, the singer said he felt so homesick the first time he moved to live in New York that he was forced to move from one English pub to the other just so he could meet with other Englishmen and enjoy the feeling of being home.

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