Monday Journal: 10 May 2021

Hello everybody!

I can’t believe that yet another week has gone by, but it really has disappeared! I have got quite a few things done, although I missed my challenge of writing Wednesday! Oh well, the best laid plans are always the ones that go astray.

My work in progress is still in progress and going along slowly. This is because I keep changing my mind about with things to put in. I am sure that most people go through this, so I will just chalk it up to experience and carry on.

I haven’t mentioned my Facebook page in a while, so if you fancy liking that, then you will see all the different things that I am working on.

Sadly, I have just rediscovered the Sims, and this will probably bring my production values down a little for the next few days while I work everything out! I do like the additional features they have where you write a story, and it works out all the traits and perfect career for that character!

Anyway, that’s about it for this week’s instalment so I will look forward to talking to you again next Monday 🙂

Until then, stay safe out there!


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