Monday Journal: 3 May 2021

Hello and welcome into another week 🙂 Can you believe it is May already? Where has this year gone?

Anyway, I seem to have gotten a bit more writing done over the past seven days than I have for a long time. How typical that it is no longer time for camp? LOL! That’s just the way of the world, I suppose. I will just carry on, regardless!

I am enjoying spending time with words once again! Mind you, at the same time I have gotten into a show on Netflix called Shadow and bone which I am really enjoying.

I hope everything continues to go according to plan this week, but I suppose it is a case of finding out as I am going along.

The audiobook I am listening to at the moment is called trust me and it is very good so far. I don’t know how much left I have to listen to get to the end, but I highly recommend it at the moment. I just hope the ending is as good as the rest of it!

There is nothing else to update you on this week, so I will leave this here. Until next time, stay safe out there!


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