Song lyric Sunday: fix/make

For this week’s song lyric Sunday they have asked us to find titles or lyrics containing the words make or fix.
This would normally take me a while to figure out which song I wanted to choose, but this time my thoughts went straight to this song and refused to move away.
So, here it is, fix you by Coldplay.

This song deals with true love, helping someone in your time of need, and learning from your mistakes. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin hasn’t spoken about the specific inspiration for the song, but it could be directed to his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, who was dealing with the death of her father in 2002. In USA Today, Martin did say where the song started: “My father-in-law Bruce Paltrow bought this big keyboard just before he died. No one had ever plugged it in. I plugged it in, and there was this incredible sound I’d never heard before. All these songs poured out from this one sound. Something has to inspire you, and something else takes over. It’s very cloudy.”
When writing this song, Chris Martin was influenced by Muse’s use of church organ on the track “Megalomania” from their album Origin Of Symmetry. >>
The song debuted on the show The O.C. in episode 2.23 called “The O Sea.” It is featured in a montage of Seth and Summer dancing at the O Sea dance, Caleb dying, and Kirsten learning of her father’s death and taking a bottle of vodka to bed. >>
This is the Coldplay song Chris Martin is proudest of. He explained why to Mojo magazine December 2011: “Because it’s so unlikely that that song would have come out of that period. The rest of that album (X&Y) I like, but I don’t think it’s great. Whereas that song… it’s the best one because it almost single-handedly got us through a really difficult two years. You could say it’s too soft or whatever, but… it does exactly what it says on the tin. Even when I’m singing it, by the time I get to the end, I’m thinking, ‘I like this’.”
The Sophie Muller-directed video follows Martin around different locations throughout London, including Waterloo Bridge and the tunnels in and around the London St Pacras and King’s Cross railway stations. He ends up at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton where a Coldplay concert is under way.
BTS sang a stripped-down version during a MTV Unplugged performance, which premiered on MTV on February 24, 2021. BTS’ Jimin shared that Coldplay’s song gave them comfort amid the COVID pandemic and that they “wanted to prepare this cover to comfort [their fans] as well.


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