Monday Journal: 27 April 2021

Oh well, it is another Tuesday and I am late again for my Monday journal! Some weeks I wonder why I even bother trying, LOL! I hope everybody’s week is going better than my own!

The coronavirus is going mad in India at the moment. I know that they have some of my readers out there, and I hope you’re all staying as safe as you can. I think if you are out there than you are probably better staying in isolation as much as possible. You probably do that anyway, but just know that you are in my thoughts.

I got little done last week, but that is turning into a normal thing and maybe I should just accept that for a while.

My camp project went nowhere because I never seem to have the time to this do anything! It wasn’t through lack of trying, more like a lack of opportunity. Never mind, these things happen. Usually to me, but that’s the way it goes! Mind you, at least I have the reason this year that wasn’t procrastination! Brightside to everything 🙂

There is nothing else to update you all on, so I am going to leave it here. Until next week, stay safe out there!


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