Song lyrics Sunday: One-word title

For this week’s song lyric Sunday we are hunting for songs using only one word in the title.
This is a very open subject, so I have done what I usually do in situations like this. Yes, I turned to Depeche Mode. This time I will show you Martyr.

I have showcased this song simply because they released it as part of their greatest hits album. Well, one of them anyway! The video itself is testament to this, as it is a compilation of pretty much any video they had made up and till the point of the release. There were a lot of tracks to choose from that only use one word in the title, but because it is part of the greatest hits I have chosen this one.

I’ve been a martyr for love
And I will die in the flames
As I draw my last breath
As I’m closing on death
I will call out your name

I’ve been a martyr for love
Nailed up on the cross
While you’re having your fun
As the damage is done
I’m assessing the cost

I knew what I was letting myself in for
I knew that I could never even the score

I’ve been a martyr for love
I need to be by your side
I have knelt at your feet
I have felt your deceit
Couldn’t leave if I tried

I’ve been a martyr for love
Tortured every hour
From the day I was born
I’ve been moved like a pawn
By the greatest of powers

I knew that I would have to suffer in vain
Aware that I would never outgrow the pain

I’ve been a martyr for love
I’ve been a martyr for love
I’ve been a martyr for love

To me this song is all about one person is suffering because the person they love is not as devoted as they are (or does not return the feelings at all). Even though it contains the line nailed up on the cross, I do not think it has any religious connotations. I think it is merely about suffering for love eternally.


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