Monday Journal: 6 April 2021

Happy new week everybody 🙂
I hope everybody had a superb Easter weekend, whatever you got up to! It was a bank holiday in the UK yesterday, so I spent the day watching some bad television and not doing very much.
As you can probably tell, I have made little progress on my camp project this week, but I intend to give it everything I have over the next few days and try to catch up. Everything will work out in the end, I am sure!
I know American gods has been cancelled and many fans are angry because it leaves them with no closure. As they based it on the book, normally I would have suggested going and reading the book… But that really won’t help you in this case as they had strayed so far away from their original material. I haven’t yet watched the series finale of season three, so I can’t really comment on that one just yet.
However, I watched all of Haven and I enjoyed that. There was actually a conclusion there, and it was one that was really enjoyable and made sense! I can’t comment if it was a close or not to the source material because I have never read that book.
I am trying to keep up with posting on here regularly, so please bear with me.
Until next week, stay safe out there!


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