Monday journal: 22 March 2021

Hello everybody and welcome into another week!

Well, a week has gone by but there is nothing to report writing wise because I have been mostly in pain and nowhere near my computer to get anything done. Not that it would have made any sense, anyway! So, I have spent my time watching things like haven on Amazon prime and listening to some music and of course an audiobook to keep me entertained! They actually based Haven on a Stephen King book called the Colorado Kid. There is is not available as an audiobook or a Kindle so comparing it to the source material would be very difficult. I believe it is part of a collection or series of books/stories. Does anyone know what that collection would be called? Maybe that is available on audiobook or Kindle. I remain hopeful.

Not long to go until I start the campNaNoWriMo challenge and let’s just hope that nothing gets in my way and I can complete it! I am looking forward to it and I’m as prepared as I am ever going to be to get my first draft out of the way so I can move on to editing.

I think that is everything for now so until next week make sure you stay safe out there!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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