Song lyrics Sunday: breeze/cloud/sky/wind

For this week’s song lyric Sunday they have asked us to find songs containing the words breeze/cloud/sky/wind. I have chosen breeze and the song breeze blocks by alt j. This is a song about giving everything for the person you love, even if that is a bit too much if they tried to leave.


2 thoughts on “Song lyrics Sunday: breeze/cloud/sky/wind

  1. I read that this song is about liking someone who you want so much that you want to hurt yourself and them, as well. I like it, but I don’t want to hurt anyone and I would never consider eating someone whole unless I became a cannibal.

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    1. I am surprised you got that from this song, I have always thought it was one of those if I can’t have you then nobody can type things. I mean, the focus of it seems to be asking someone not to go. I took it as, if they try to go then hold them down with soggy clothes and breeze blocks


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