Monday journal: 22 February 2021

We get a start on yet another week, and again I work on catch-up mode! One day I will get everything worked out, I am sure.

Anyway, I got something sent to my writer’s group and have got some feedback from it. So far it has all been very positive, and I am thrilled with that because I was quite proud of the work I had done. This part was from my villain’s point of view, which is something I never tried but actually found I really enjoyed! Maybe I am secretly evil! One comment I received was about what they thought my villain wanted to achieve… And they were absolutely spot-on! I guess that means I wrote it extremely well. Time will tell, and I’m sure there are going to be some negative ideas about the direction I moved in.

I really enjoyed the challenges I completed over the week and I hope to get more done today. Mainly, song lyrics Sunday.

During the week, I hope to include a review of the book I have just finished reading.

That is it from my writing side of the world! I hope everybody else is keeping well and I look forward to being able to update everybody next week!

Until then, stay safe out there!


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