Monday Journal: 15 February 2021

Well, here we are at the start of yet another week! For me, it has been a very interesting week because I got my coronavirus vaccination, and it didn’t make me ill like many people thought it might. However, the week has not been good for me for pain, so I skipped a couple of days posting on here.

I totally intend to make up for that by posting my song lyric Sunday today, and probably a tiny tale to go with my writing Wednesday prompt for last week.

As I have been spending a lot of time sitting on the bed, I have started another audiobook and we shall see how quickly that one is finished! They call it still wicked, and so far I am very much enjoying it.

Still not sent anything to my writer’s group but I will get round to that soon 🙂 I have still been doing a piece on that in the background some work in progress is coming along albeit slowly!

That is about it from me for and another week, and I will see everybody back here for my next update next Monday. Until then, stay safe out there!


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