FFFC/MMA Storytime: Unusual reaction

I looked out the window with a surge of disgust. Most people, if confronted with the idealistic picture of snow covering everything in sight, would feel delight. I am not most people because in reality I can’t stand the stuff.
It might look fantastic at first when everything is crisp and white, but as people walk over it, the snow will quickly become slush and making everything look dirty. It also becomes a barrier preventing you from moving about like you normally would. No quick popping to the shop or posting a letter.
Disgusting stuff.
Why do people love it?

I wrote this inspired by this week’s fandango’s flash fiction challenge and MMA storytime prompt.


3 thoughts on “FFFC/MMA Storytime: Unusual reaction

    1. I really enjoyed writing it. All I could remember was my friend’s reaction to a snow scene in a TV show when she was complaining how disgusting it was rather than romantic! Thank you for giving me such a great word to work with, thank you also for commenting 🙂

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