Monday journal – 25 January 2021

Hello everybody! Welcome into yet another week and we find ourselves already near the end of January 2021. Where is the time going?

Well, my work in progress has taken up more time, but I am still not at my goal of reaching the end of the first draft. Hopefully, this will be remedied soon and I will start sending things to my writers’ group again. Mind you, first I need to work out what the last bit I sent them actually was, LOL!

I have been enjoying the challenges this week and am looking forward to keeping everything going. So far this year I have posted at least one thing every day, so I am quite proud of that achievement.

I haven’t yet worked out what do I need to do with twitch so I can start doing some DJ work. Maybe it is time to go back to 2nd life where I know how to do it! I will just have to keep reading and working out what to do.

That is everything from this week, so make sure you stay safe out there and I will speak to you soon!


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