Book review: Little bones, N.V. Peacock

Little Bones by N.V. Peacock
Little Bones by N.V. Peacock
I am going to start this off with the big disclaimer! I am using Dragon dictation and have only ever listened to the audiobook, so I am probably going to make a hash of the names! I am probably going to skip some names to avoid this, but there are a couple that I will have to mention. Cheri Forrester, Leanne Hendy, little bones, Mr bones, and Robin.
Basically, this is a thriller about an everyday person who works in their local supermarket, Cheri Forrester. She lives at home with her boyfriend and her young son, Robin. She normally watches Grey’s Anatomy to turn off from the actual world, or things like strictly come dancing for family time.
One day at work, they ask her to see a psychic, which is when we realise that there is something in her past she is trying to hide. However, as she sceptical about psychics she agrees to go along. On the same day she gives food to a pregnant girl who was going to shoplift. This girl basically becomes known as her stray. When she gets home, she watches the news and noticed that there is a local missing boy called Thomas and she is slightly unnerved by this. She is further unnerved when psychic tells her that her son is in danger and she needs to keep a close eye on him.
Thomas is later found having being killed and she discovers a podcast talking about it and linking it to an old case in the 1980s when a string of boys went missing. As she listens to the podcast we find out that her proper name is Leanne Hendy, and the person presenting the podcast tells everyone who she is and where she works.
We learn that when she was eight, her father was the man responsible for the crimes and he became known as Mr bones. He used to create sculptures from the bones, and she used to help him do this. However, she had nothing to do with the actual killing. Her mother committed suicide before the trial, so nobody ever knew whether she was aware of what was happening. She became known as little bones and therefore she changed her name to Cheri.
The psychics warning turned out to be true when Robin goes missing while they are at a local fair. She immediately suspects that a man dressed as a skeleton who was last seen in the ghost train took him. Of course, she instantly connects this with her past as little bones.
Unhappy with what the police are doing (or not doing) she does some investigating on her own and uncovers a few things she really did not want to know. She ends up searching by herself for what really happened to her son, even contacting her own father.
I can’t say any more about this or I would spoil it if you wanted to read it. I would recommend that you do read this because it is well written and a page turner. Much like you would want a thriller to be! I found it gripping from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would rate this as 5/5 and believe that most people would enjoy it. Hoping to see more like this in the future from this author.


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