Song lyrics Sunday: letters P or G

The challenge set by this week’s song lyric Sunday is very open. They at have asked us to provide the song’s beginning with the letters P or G.
The first song that I thought of is not a very cheerful one, sorry about that! It is Pierrot the clown by placebo. This is very obviously a song about abuse inside the relationship, so if it triggers you then I would advise not to listen. Mind you, meaning outside I find this an exquisite track. I hope you all enjoy it.

Well, I can’t leave it on a downer for the first Sunday of a new year. So, for the G I have chosen the song girls and boys by blur. This is a song about gender fluidity in relationships. It is also a look at the 90s when everybody was headed to Ibiza for a holiday with only one thing on their minds. Well, maybe two things, drinking and sex!


2 thoughts on “Song lyrics Sunday: letters P or G

  1. I guess Pierrot the Clown is a love song, but it seems to be more about heartache. This is the second Blur song added here today and I like it because it is upbeat. Thanks for adding your music today Angie.

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