Monday journal – 22 December 2020

Welcome into another week!

Another week has passed with not much activity going on. I promised things will get better next year as I am going to set up a schedule of things to post so there is something for everyday. That’s my New Year’s resolution, and hopefully it is one I can stick to.

Things are getting interesting here in the UK as we have an additional strain of coronavirus. Typical, just when we get the vaccine we end up back in lockdown! It is going to make for a very quiet Christmas, no doubt accompanied by Netflix and Amazon prime!

At least we can all video chat which is something! This is definitely a year that we will never forget!

Let’s try to end this on a more positive note by promising that there will be another review of the book going up. This time the book in question is storm front. I also plan on writing a small story (140 characters) at some point today. I am not sure when the book review will be posted, maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday. Time will tell!

I hope we can all have a wonderful holiday season despite everything. Until next time, stay safe out there!


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