Monday journal – 1 December 2020

It is the start of another week, well, obviously it is Tuesday so I somehow missed a day. Not surprising given the week I have had life carries on in how it does.

Looking forward to getting things done over the next few days, so it should be interesting to see where the days take me!

I have done some reading and so have a review to do of the book ‘born in fire’ and that the moment I am currently reading the cyborg tinkerer that somebody I know from YouTube wrote. After that I will be reading a book from somebody I know more called little bones. Busy time for me book wise!

Please remember to check out the different parts of my website where you can find stories I have written that that have been published read on a podcast. You can also buy me a cup of tea if you really desire 🙂

That is about it from me for this entry into my journal, but I look forward to seeing everybody next week!

Until then, stay safe!


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