Song lyric Sunday: hold/stop/wait/pause

For this week’s song lyrics Sunday, they have given us the prompt of stop/pause/wait.

Last week on go your own way I shared Depeche Mode with Halo. For this prompt, I share another track from the same album, violator. This time it is a track called waiting for the night, which is sung by Martin Gore rather than Dave Gahan. This is a nice track even if it is celebrating the darkness, which is something they do quite a lot! I don’t find this negative about it, although many people would disagree with me.

Anyway, enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: hold/stop/wait/pause

  1. I never find tranquility negative, even if it is only achieved in darkness. When I sleep, I like it dark and quiet and I know a lot of people go to sleep with the TV on, but I can’t do that. I like the guitar strumming, the way it sounds like drops of water and the organ sounds which are eerie.

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    1. No real surprise as it was not a single but just an album track. Most of the songs sung by Martin are generally hidden on the album rather than released, I don’t know why! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching and commenting.

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