Monday journal – 6 October 2020

Hello everybody!

Well, it is Tuesday again and I’m writing my Monday journal. I had been the well with posting on here last week that I thought I was in the clear. Then yesterday happened! It was just a day when I got interrupted again and again. To where it took me five hours to listen to a 20 minute podcast!

Mind you, I got most important things done, so everything is good! I have even got some writing done on my work in progress, so I am one happy bunny!

I have really enjoyed the challenges, so I am looking forward to those for the rest of the week. I think I am getting the hang of this haiku lark, and I am loving doing them. I really appreciate the comments on those (well, on anything really) because they keep me going!

That is about it from me this week. Enjoy your time because I know I enjoy all of my time I spend on here or on my work in progress. Until next week, stay safe out there!


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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