Song lyric Sunday: No rules

This week’s song lyric Sunday has no rules. This means we get to share whatever we want.
Instantly, my mind went to Depeche Mode because they are my favourite band. When a game to picking the track I had more trouble because, naturally, I like them all!
My favourite album is probably violator as though I decided that I was going to showcase a song from that album. My favourite track on that album is Halo, so that is the one I have chosen for today.
As the lyrics mean, only Martin Gore would know for sure. To me it means that whenever you are going through a rough patch (even if it is your fault) everything is going to work out. To me it is a very positive track, although people who find their work depressing would probably disagree. They are not nicknamed depress mode for nothing!


5 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: No rules

    1. That is very true, I had not even thought about it considering the circumstances we are facing this year. When our worlds they fall apart, and the walls come tumbling in, though we may deserve it, it will be worth it. She thank you for letting us run riot! Thank you for watching, hosting, and commenting.

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