Donald Trump

Okay, they have diagnosed him as having coronavirus. Politics aside, I wish him a speedy recovery, much as I did Boris Johnson. I don’t agree with either man politically, but they are still people.

That being said, the people in the White House could have easily prevented it wearing a mask just as they would like everyone else to do. I think they be setting an example and the unfortunate result proves it.

Just goes to show that anti-malaria drug is not best method of preventing infection as he would have you believe.

I wish him all the best with recovery and can only hope it will teach him a lesson about how quickly this thing can spread.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump

  1. Hi AngieI don’t  believe he has even got it.It’s a handy excuse to hide away for two weeks so his recent gaffes are forgotten.He will return as a hero for beating the illness and look for a sympathy vote and proof he is indestructible.However if he has it ,he’s old and fat and high risk and we would be a better world without him.Although best just to defeat him at the polls in November LoveDad Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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    1. Funnily enough, one of my American friends said exactly the same thing. She said he would appear in a couple of weeks and say that the virus isn’t that bad because they told him he was a high-risk and nothing really happened. We’ll know that they like to use ‘alternative facts’ over there, so who knows?


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