Song lyric Sunday – Canada

Happy weekend!
For this week’s song lyric Sunday, they have given us the prompt of Canada/Canadian.
Now, you say the word Canadian to me and the only thing that comes into my head is Nickelback. (I know there are a lot more Canadian artists, but they are the one that arrive in the front of my brain!)
So, here you go with some Nickelback. I have chosen the song edge of a revolution because I didn’t want to go for one to obvious!


4 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday – Canada

    1. LOL, I have heard that one too! I think it is probably because they write a lot of ballads, but there are some rockier tracks on albums. I am one of the fans!
      Yes, that track sounds angry but I think it is also a tongue in cheek look at America. (In God we trust, or the CIA?)

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