Monday journal – 7 September 2020

OMG, it is September already! You think with this pandemic and everyone being on lockdown so not much else is going on that this time would have gone slowly… Not likely!

So, I am off to the hospital tomorrow to get everything checked over with my feet so hopefully there will be an improvement so things can get back to the normal that is my life! Abnormal! This will be the first time I will experience the way hospitals are working during this time. Should be interesting at the very least.

Hopefully, this week I will get more done on my blog. I know I say this every time! Still, people have enjoyed the reviews I have posted, so at least that is something.

I could kick myself for not thinking about the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the song lyric Sunday post yesterday. How could I forget about that? Never mind, I was happy to share music from chess instead. (Hopefully I make people discover this treasure of a musical!)

Until next week, stay safe out there.


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