Friday fictioneers: Working museum


I loved my job in the working museum. Every day, I got to play dress up as a delivery driver from a time gone by.

Then I met a little boy who was curious. I didn’t mind that; it was part of what I did. It was when questions became personal that I got annoyed. Where were the parents? I tried to put the kid off by acting ignorant about it. I was just a delivery driver doing my job.

He persisted, and I snapped. I gave him a cuff round the ear and got sacked.

Loved my job, hate children.

I wrote this in response to this week’s Friday fictioneers.


12 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers: Working museum

    1. Libraries I understand, and some museums. However, a working museum is not always the best place as there are things like vehicles. (The nearest one to me as a mineshaft and I canal! Not the best place to leave a child!)


  1. I imagine living history actors have to put up with all kinds of nonsense on the job. In Chuck Palahniuk’s book, “Choke,” he works at one of those places and has some doozy interactions.

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    1. When we visited one in Birmingham (Black Country) one of our group asked the policeman if he would arrest her if she knocked off his helmet! At the time he was having trouble because he was having to use the newspaperman’s bicycle which was too big for him and he couldn’t stop and put his feet down!

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