Monday journal – 31 August 2020

Hello everybody!

Well, one day I will have a normal weekend! I spent yesterday on the phone line 111 because I wanted some medical advice about pressure sores and an infection on my foot! Anyway, I am now on antibiotics and hopefully everything is going to be on the mend soon.

So I got very little writing done. Mind you, I did the reviews of both the umbrella Academy 2, and the book American gods. Now I can concentrate on my next audiobook.

I am glad that people enjoyed my attempt at a Haiku last week. I am sure I am getting better at those 🙂

Thank you to everybody who has been leaving comments on my work, I am only sorry could not reply to everybody because of all the other rubbish that has been going on lately.

Maybe I should a duo in writing! I suppose any of you fancy a partner in crime?! That concludes my news this week. I Hope you are all staying safe out there, I will hopefully be back soon!


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