The umbrella Academy season two on Netflix, a review

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The second part of the umbrella Academy on Netflix was very good, although from an adaption point of view it didn’t really follow the story. However, it is in keeping with the characters and the backstory they had created. (You need to remember that the comic is very short and does not really contain all the information you need.) Because of this, I could ignore the fact that they made their own story.

It is to that they left it set in Dallas and featured the execution of John F. Kennedy. I knew that the way they got there would be different because of the way the first season ended. So, I was ready for that change. I like the way they all arrived separately and got to live their lives in the 1960s. I really enjoyed the way they blended all the history together to incorporate things such as racial segregation and discrimination against certain nationalities, I.e. Russia.

It took me a while to get used to the fact that Vanya was in Dallas and will fight with the rest of them to stop the apocalypse.

The entire piece about the commission was very hard to swallow for me, because in the comic I give you very little information about what they are like as an organisation. I enjoyed meeting all the original characters and learning how they interacted. I also like the idea that the woman was only interested in power. The fish, AJ, was the only true character that existed within the commission, although I can’t remember whether he survived!

Obviously, the comic had nothing to do with the Hargreaves or any involvement he may have had in the assassination. However, this was the way they introduced the fact he was a space alien, which was brilliant.

Five and five meeting is also in the comic although the who he was with was very different. And the thing that remained true from the comics is that Kennedy died, but again the catalyst wasn’t there and (for your conspiracy theorists out there) it would play in nicely with the idea that they framed Lee Harvey Oswald.

I liked how Vanya remembered nothing until she went into her own head while being tortured and remembered. I also liked the fact that it was Ben who snapped her out of it.

The ending was nearly parallel to the ending of the third comic, in that there are two versions of themselves. However, Hargreaves is not involved in the second set, but it is Grace. This brings it difficult to try mica where they are going next. I have got a feeling that hotel oblivion (the third comic) may be missed out entirely. He has written none more so from now on will just be watching what goes on unless a comic is released in the meantime. However, even if it wasn’t the best adaptation out there, it made for a very entertaining series that I would recommend watching to anybody who likes this kind of thing.

(Just for the curious, here around the original characters from the comic:)

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