Monday journal – 24 August 2020

Hello everybody 🙂

Welcome to another week and I find it is nearly September! The year seems to have flown past, and there was me thinking the pandemic would slow things down. It had the opposite effect!

I know I have written little over the past week, but I have been having fun with this new layout that they seem to have chosen. My conversation with their happiness team was not exactly productive. They said that there were too many tools out there for them to accommodate all. The example that they gave me was that their favourite tool, Grammarly, did not work. I would not last Dragon dictation as a similar thing because it is not an aid for writing like Grammarly but merely a case of anybody disabled or dyslexic to type using their voice instead of a keyboard. There is no way to return to the original editor, so I am just going to battle on with what they have left me.

What have they left me? Turns out, not much. I now have to write everything in another program altogether (I am using word) and copy everything over. Annoying when I used to just write straight into the WordPress post. Still, hopefully this will mean I can still post in my little way.

My writing group was discussing my piece of work last week, and it got some very positive feedback. There are just a few minor things for me to look at, like sentence structure, and repetitive words. However, I am glad my character is coming across well and people believe they know better. This is always a good thing when he comes to a heroine!

I realised that I have not written the review of the umbrella Academy 2 yet, and I will definitely get round to that. Meanwhile, I am watching American gods and am quite amazed by the differences between the book and the adaptation. If anything is a suitable candidate for lost in adaptation, it is that! I think I will recommend that to Dominic Noble who runs the YouTube channel! It is very good, although I would not like to talk about them side-by-side because it gives away various plot twists which would ruin either! I am really enjoying how some characters have grown/exaggerated and the plots have changed accordingly. I will need to reach the end before I decide whether it is a good adaptation.

I am also part way through another audiobook, this one being dreams of gods and monsters. (This is the last book in the daughter of Smoke and bone trilogy by Laini Taylor.)

So it has been a busy week! Until next week, have a safe and productive time.


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