New format – first impressions

Well, Dragon does not like the new format, so I am not keen either. The most annoying thing about it is that when you could preview it for ages, I noticed the problem with Dragon Dictation and reported it. The WordPress happiness team told that they were aware of any issue with Dragon Dictation and advised me to go back to the old format.

I did that and carried on happily using the old format which had no issue with Dragon Dictation. I (probably stupidly) believe that because I had reported it and they were already aware of the problem, it would be sorted out by the time they made the new format compulsory.

Silly me.

So now I am having significant problems using the site I had got used to. I wouldn’t mind so much except I have just renewed my subscription and so I am now stuck with it for another year.

If they knew about the problem, why did they not bother to fix it? It is like they haven’t had the time to do so. Or, even better, given me some forewarning me I would struggle to use the website is unison new format came into place?

I will just have to get used to it, I suppose.


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