Monday journal – 17 August 2020


Well, I got my wish last week that it would be cooler but, as we live in England, this came with thunderstorms and the usual disruption that goes with them, so, one has to first things to go was the Internet! Joy!

Not only that, but I have had all kinds of problems with my feet and general leg spasms that have kept me from doing very much at all.

On the bright side, I could finish the book American gods by Neil Gaiman and will write a review. It is now in the queue with the umbrella Academy part two, LOL.

Hopefully everything will go back to some kind of normality over the week, but I seem to spend every Monday apologising for missing things during the week. I think it is probably for the best if I don’t make any promises!

My writer’s group our meeting up again on Thursday. I will not be there in person, but they will talk about one of my scenes. At the beginning of lockdown, sweetness a few told me I should try showing the fact that Alice has no arms rather than telling it. I tried rewriting the scene to do just that and so I will find out what the feedback is when my proxy, Nicky, tells me all about it! I am looking forward to that.

So, anyway, WordPress has changed the entire format of the way we post so I will now try to work out wherever printing needs to go! I might work out where to put the featured image and things like that, but no promises!

Anyway, see you next week for the next exciting instalment in my life!


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