Monday journal – 11 August 2020

Hello everybody 🙂

I know well that it is Tuesday rather than Monday, but I have an excellent reason for my disappearance over the weekend. Basically, it got warm, and I needed to have my fans on to keep cool. Dragon Dictation does not work well with background noise or any audio disruption, such as a breeze changing the way it hears your voice. It is not as hot today, so I only have one on the lowest setting. I can now continue writing!

Things seem to go really well with posting, so it was a shame it couldn’t continue, but that is the way the cookie crumbles!

Lots of people enjoyed my comparison between the umbrella Academy comics and TV show. The second season is not necessarily a bad adaption, but ends up having very little in common with the source material. However, it remains true that they centre it around the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Mind you, they work the story very well with the characters they had created in season one, and it seems to end similarly to the end of the third comic. As you can probably tell, confusing from the adaption point of view!

Not much else has been happening over the week, so I will see you all next week with another update.


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