Song lyric Sunday – air/fire/water/earth

It is time for this week’s their way song lyric Sunday. This week they have asked us to find songs about the four elements, air, fire, water, earth.

First, air. For this I have chosen the song up in the air by 30 seconds Mars. This is a song about the ending of a relationship. However, the question of is this the end? Is one we have all asked ourselves over the past couple of months! Mind you, considering that this is about the ending of a relationship (this is a portrait of a tortured you and I) it is a very upbeat song. It makes you think not all endings must be bad.

Next up, fire. For this I have chosen the song fire by Kasabian. I could not find much information about the song soy don’t know if it is about somebody having a very lucky day, or somebody having a very unlucky day. The choice is yours!

Next up, water. For this I have chosen the song smoke on the water by deep purple. This covers most of the elements as it talks about fire and sky. If people didn’t know, they actually wrote this about a true event from December in 1971, when the Montréal Casino was burnt down because of someone using a flare gun.

Finally, earth. For this I have chosen the song, the earth song by Michael Jackson. I think this one speaks for itself.


11 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday – air/fire/water/earth

  1. I did not know the 30 Seconds to Mars song Up in the Air, but I really like it. Kasabian Fire was also new to me and also a good song. Nice choices with Deep Purple and Michael Jackson. Thanks for joining in again Angie.

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    1. Kasabian are an underrated (in my opinion) English band so it is no real surprise you hadn’t heard of them. Glad you enjoyed it! 30 seconds to Mars are an American band fronted by the actor Jared Leto. I was tempted to use them for water instead, but loves the song Smoke on the water so that won! Happy to join in, thank you for watching, hosting, and commenting.

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