Monday journal – 29 June 2020

Hello everybody,

Welcome into another week! It has been another strange one for me, battling with my outline and trying to make it fit into a delicate structure. I think I finally have it now, so I am ready to write the actual story again! Looking forward to that part of the process.

I have been using scrivener for this and have been learning more than I knew before. It really is an amazing program, and I can’t recommend it enough. (And the amazing update has not even dropped on PC yet, so in theory should get better.)

It is actually my birthday this week and instead of going out from a meal or something like that; we are still in lockdown (even if some people seem to be oblivious to that in our country) though I will spend it having a take out instead!

Hopefully, I will find time to post some stories and things this week and keep myself amused!

Time will tell!

See you all then seven days when I will give you my next update on everything going on writing wise my end 🙂

Stay safe.


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