SPF: The sculpture

There was one of those human sculptures in the local park. My partner, Michael, thought it would be funny to make them break out of character if it was only for a moment. It would be my job to video everything so that Michael could find himself an overnight sensation on the Internet.

I got everything ready and took the video on my phone. Michael tried everything, including gentle prodding and rambling. The sculpture did not move during the entire time. When he finally gave up, I stepped forward and place a tip in the man’s hat as he had done well in putting up with everything Michael had been doing.

Being me, I tripped over everything and took flight before landing face first in the ditch near where he was standing. When I scrambled back out, I turned round to see him looking like the picture. I think the pigeon sitting on his head made everything funnier than it should have been.

I wrote this in response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction.


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