Monday journal – 16 June 2020

Yeah, I am well aware that it is a Tuesday! I had a very busy day yesterday trying to work out outlining for my novel. It is very productive so far and I have enjoyed the process. I am writing at the end of act one so getting down to the meaty bits!

And despite all of that, I have got myself addicted to my latest audiobook. Should have seen it coming really is ideas one of my favourite authors. Dean Koontz. Mind you, it is a very early example of his work, but even so it is grouping stuff! (I am by the times with this one as lots of people were reading it as soon as everyone got locked down! Yes, it is the one about the military disease.) At the rate it is going I will probably review it and a couple of days.

My next masterclass will probably be Dan Brown. I know of not writing a thriller but I think it will interest to understand things from that point of view in case I wanted to turn in that direction. I think I have my feet well and truly under the fantasy table, but maybe I could still write a fantasy thriller! Do they even exist? Would I be writing whole unknown thing? That would be interinteresting 

I know I say this every week, but I will try to post some more on here over the coming days!

Stay safe out there!


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