SPF: Deal too far

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

“Honey, you went believe the deal I’ve found down at the scrapheap!” William was brimming over with excitement as he rushed through the door. “Where are you?”

There was a sigh as his wife lifted herself from the couch. “Coming.” She shuffled her heavily pregnant form down the hallway.

He propelled her outside to show her his buy.

She stared at it in silence, completely stunned. “Of all the rubbish you have ever bought home, this has to be the worst! Why would you buy such a wreck? Hold that thought, does it run?”

“Yes. Why?”

“My water just broke!”

I wrote this in response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction.


2 thoughts on “SPF: Deal too far

  1. Nice work – like the turn at the end.

    I remember as a child when my father returned one day having bought a house in way worse shape than that car. I was a year of hard work (nowadays it’s called “flipping” – then it was just nuts).

    Thanks for sharing.

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