Monday journal – 25 May 2020

Hello everybody 🙂

I can not believe that another week has gone past, and it only feels like two days! Even better, was the news today that schools may go back as soon as next Monday. This was shocking to me because I realised that in seven days it would be June! Where the hell is the year gone?

I am enjoying my masterclass with Neil Gaiman, and directly nearly finished his lectures. I just have the workbook to go through. It is very interesting to see how people work. I would say that it looks like he is a very serious plotter in writing. I am not, so I won’t be writing the outline in the detail he requests. The work he suggests on characters is very good and I will probably do this.

The journal idea of a ‘compost heap’ is a very good one because it means that no ideas you have would be lost.

Would anyone be interested in seeing what I do with the characters? (It wouldn’t be giving away any of the plot, it is just about giving each person a personality.)

It is really pleasant weather outside today, and it is lovely hearing people chatting along the street. Everybody seems to be a lot more relaxed than they were a few weeks ago, which is very nice to see.

I am now on Instagram if anybody is interested. I have posted little since joining, but then I don’t really take that many pictures during the day. Anyway, I am angie.trafford on the site 🙂 (I will follow back; I am hardly a celebrity!)

Make sure you enjoy your week, whatever you end up doing. I will be back to update you in seven days!


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