Song lyrics Sunday: End/Finish/Over/Stop

This week’s song lyric Sunday asked us to consider our current situation with COVID 19 and lots of people still being locked down. This is children in England, unless you be an adviser for the Prime Minister! I can’t believe he did that, and maybe even twice, but seems to be getting away with it scot-free.
Anyway, this is all about recognising that everything will pass in time and we recognise that when the prompts today.


For this one I have chosen to use my chemical romance with to the end because I think it is a quicker tune that sounds uplifting. The message behind it is probably uplifting as well because it is all about meeting somebody that is willing to take you to the end of your life. (If you marry me, would you bury me, would you carry me to the end?) That there are saying goodbye to your past and everything you have done of all starting on a new future. This is something I hope we get to do soon.


For this one I have chosen skillet with Finish Line. I think this is all about positive thinking in that we are just imagining we are going to make it to the Finish Line. Call yourself a hero if it will help you to believe that, but we are all going to make it to the end of this and look back on it as another piece of history that we have overcome.


For this one I have chosen crowded house with don’t dream it’s over. This is all about winning battles and earning that liberation and freedom. We just don’t have to let anyone build those walls between us while all of this is going on. There are many things keeping us apart as humans, but we don’t have to let that defeat us. Don’t dream that (life) is over!


For this one I have chosen Celeste with stop this flame. This is, like so many other love songs when you look at the lyrics, quite a disturbing find. It is basically about a stalker, and the general message to the victim is that they won’t stop them. At least it sounds happier than many of the songs I could have used for those prompt! Mind you, it does warn that they should stay away if they can’t withstand the fire, so maybe it’s not by someone all that bad.


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