Monday journal – 18 May 2020

Hello everybody and welcome into another week. I hope everyone is doing well, having a lot of fun! I am having a great time and enjoying my masterclass. The reason I have put none of my work up for a while is because moment he is concentrating on my work in progress (and I are not ready to share that just yet). I am sure there will be a generic writing exercise along I can put up on my site so everybody can have a look.

I tell you what, EL James should have watched this before writing that stupid book. It is all about do your homework. She needed to do the work into understanding BDSM before she started writing. It might have made it less creepy and stalky. Maybe it would have even made it romantic, who knows?

You might wonder why I know this stuff about BDSM (like the rules by which he broke every other sentence) but the reason is simple. A long time ago I wrote a quick story that involved BDSM so I did my research! It isn’t hard!

Anyway, I didn’t mean to turn this journal into a rant about that awful book; I am just going to pretend I never put myself through half of that first book.

The book I’m listening to now is called ‘it’s going to hurt’ and is all about the life of a junior doctor. It gives you an entertaining perspective on what people’s lives are like doing this work. It is maybe laugh out loud a few times so far!

I know I haven’t been throwing myself into challenges very much but I am busy behind-the-scenes scribbling notes about my work in progress which nobody but myself will ever see!

It will be very interesting when I finish his class and start another just to see the unique ways people work on writing. I am looking forward to picking up some tips along the way, and if I see something interesting I will share it with everybody so you have to pay for the whole subscription for a little quote. I will not give you any of the lectures, just little tips they may throw out there!

That is about it from me for this week, let’s see where this new week takes me!


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