Monday journal – 11 May 2020

Hello everybody I hope you are doing splendidly in this time. I am actually having a lot of fun and found myself really enjoying the whole knockdown experience. Over the weekend I made a round for a quiz which made me use a thesaurus on movie titles and people had to guess what they were. For example, the first one was ‘hunched striped feline, camouflaged mythical being’. I will leave you all trying to work that out!

I have signed up to masterclass and am currently watching Neil Gaiman’s class on storytelling. There are exercises to do and I will post what I do so everybody can tell me what they think. (There are plenty of courses to do after this one!)

Challenges as something that I have to work up to and try to keep going!

That is about it from me. I don’t really have any news to tell you exit signing up to that class. I hope you enjoy the exercises, feel free to try them yourselves 🙂

Talk to you again in seven days, so enjoy yourselves whatever you’re doing!


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