Monday journal – 4 May 2020

Hello everybody, I hope you’re keeping well while you’re cooped up in your house! I am grateful that I don’t live in the worst affected regions, so I am allowed outside to enjoy the fresh air. I don’t know how they stayed sane in countries like Italy and Spain. If you are among those, then you really have my respect!

I have been busy little beaver out once again over the past week, but at least I have been disaster and chaos free! I joined in with a taskmaster challenge, but I didn’t make their video montage of the top 10. Mind you, Alex Horne liked my tweet, so I am proud of myself!

Writing wise things have been slow because I have really got into the audiobook I am reading at the moment. I only have two hours left of it and I am really enjoying the story. Mind you, I enjoyed the rest of the series so it is no glorious surprise to find that I enjoy this instalment. I will review it when I finish it and get the chance to scribble my thoughts.

Anyway, back to my book!

I am still here and thinking about everyone. Especially my Nan, who turned 90 on the first! Happy birthday, Nan!

Belatedly realised the date, happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you! (I am not a fan of it and have never even seen the newer films, but I am still geeky enough to know the day!)


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